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Because of technology, the conversation around health and wellbeing is set to change radically read more

The unofficial future: corporate branding

Creating a picture of a changing environment positions Shell as a company with one foot in the future read more


People want to take control and commit to wellness in their own way read more

Defining wellness: pilates and pizza

Balance is now being redefined by consumers, as fads are out and fun is in read more

Food: shape, speculators and security

Food communications become more direct as consumers pay more attention to value and cost read more


The explosion of information via the internet has powered discovery as a visual communication trend for travel companies read more

Simplicity / Slowing down

As life speeds up, images of those small moments can help travel marketers to inspire their customers to slow down read more

Exceptional service

Despite the economic downturn, consumers are still seeking seemless service and the ultimate experience from travel read more

Honest Beauty

This visual communication trend – honest beauty – is about breaking the rules read more

In awe of nature

The overwhelming feeling of admiration we still feel when we experience the scale and beauty of nature read more

Interview: Graham Hill – LifeEdited

LifeEdited Founder and entrepreneur Graham Hill gives us his perspective on how sustainability and business can go together in the sharing economy read more

Body Image 2.0

As technology is changing the evolution of the human body the way we define ‘beauty’ is evolving. Emerging new role models promote a greater diversity in society, creating a theme within the visual trend of diversity. read more

The New Old

The baby boomers once more break ‘the mould of the modern life course’ and with it the widespread belief that life can be enjoyed only by the young. read more

The Female Gaze

Visual Trends Director, Pam Grossman, reflects on the slow shift towards more positive representations of women, and how brands are taking notice of the new visual dialogue around females. read more

Interview: Jessica Bennett – Contributing Editor,

We meet with one of the Lean In collection’s co-curators, and Contributing Editor at, Jessica Bennett – about the goals of Lean In, and why influencing the visual landscape will help change the conversation around women. read more