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Photographer profile: Miguel Navarro

Photographer & Image-maker Miguel Navarro on blending technology and imagery to stunning effect read more


Trend Analysts are picking up on a visual styling that on the surface seems like a return to the early days of the internet read more

Blended Reality

This new era of “mixed reality”, of connectivity, may herald a trend in “spiritual” imagery as people respond to this new social image space read more

Expert Insider: Adrian Cheok

Adrian Cheok on the future of the digital image in a mixed reality world, hyper-connectivity, those Google glasses everyone is talking about, and about a shift in communications from a world of text messages, to a future of taste messages read more

London 2012: The Smartphone Olympics?

Our photographers captured the 2012 Olympics using all the latest technology. But couldn't resist the urge to get their smartphones out as well read more


From idea to image, how we work at Getty Images to produce new creative content for our customers read more

Key visual trends

There is a core set of visual ideas and conventions around technology and its no surprise that our best sellers from the Flickr collection reflect these trends – connection and urbanity read more

Expert Insider: Richard Banks

A trend we are tracking throughout this Curve report is the nostalgia/retro obsession that has featured in all markets and segments. So when it came to exploring how new technology is shaping our current obsession with the past, and how it is changing how we relate to images and image-making, there was one person we were needed to talk to – Richard Banks read more

Gap-toothed authenticity

In this second part of our introduction to our Curve report on Technology, we dig deep into the drivers behind the “authenticity” trend and look at some Smartphone Social Sharing of “Street Art” via Samsung read more

‘I’ve never felt closer to the world’

We asked our Flickr contributors to send us images around the idea of 'connection'. This is how they responded read more

Photography: the killer app

The first section of this Curve report focuses on social photography, how it is changing the meaning of photography in general, and how brands have utilised it for impactful, engaging campaigns read more

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