Visualizing Diversity

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At Getty Images depicting diversity is one of our biggest priorities. Somewhere between the generic image and the overly-contrived shot lies the sweet spot that reflects the world around us as it actually is, with all of its variety and beauty.

Finding that sweet spot can be challenging, there are so many considerations and differences to reflect. Our creative team works with photographers and filmmakers worldwide to improve our content offering, ensuring our imagery feels real and is relevant to a worldwide audience.

Global but local

In our globalized, networked world, where imagery and information are easily distributed and shared, mainstream campaigns often communicate to a diverse collective, rather than separate target audiences. Cross-cultural campaigns are on the rise and bring new challenges to advertisers.

Brands need to address the audience as one group. But, they also need to acknowledge their consumers come from different backgrounds, different generations, different cultural and social settings.

Resonant yet different

Consumers’ values and beliefs, expectations and preferences are as diverse as they are.  Shifts in demographics, gender roles, couplehood and family configurations, and “acceptable” beauty- and body-types are crucial to track, reflect, and refract on today’s visual stage.

To get it right, brands need to find imagery which both appeals to the general market and is still resonant with different segments that are represented.

Looking to what we have in common

Apple’s recent campaign shows a wide mix of consumers from all walks of life. The commercials cut across people from different backgrounds, yet feel natural and unforced, emotional and universal.

Diversity is presented as a reality and an aspiration, simultaneously. Rather than looking at differences, the focus is on the things we have in common: a shared desire to celebrate the moments that matter.

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In this Curve issue we look at how brands express the diversity of a world in constant flux.


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