Sustainability: Five Key Campaigns

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Our creative research experts have identified five campaigns that embed the key visual trends around sustainability as a core element to their communications strategy

Longlasting Relationships:


Patagonia’s Worn Wear tumblr campaign features stories of happy customers and their jackets. What makes it visually compelling is the use of vintage photographs, which underline the relationship that people have formed with their product over a long period of time. It conveys a sense of companionship and trust. These two key characteristics lock directly into the company’s core business of adhering to environmentally friendly practices to help sustain a world inhabitable for generations to come by producing long-lasting, quality products.

Empowering Change:


This organisation’s ongoing efforts of promoting fair treatment of smallholder farmers is expressed through an interesting, seemingly ‘positively naive’ visual style to bring across its very simple message: making a big difference by taking small steps together. The campaign, blending photography showing real people’s faces with animation it, conveys a sense of unity empowering each and every consumer with the knowledge that their decision really counts.

Changing every day habits:


The campaign carried out in form of a six months study, follows volunteers around while going about their daily lives, helping them finding solutions for being more resourceful with their food and trying to cut down on waste. Shot in a low-key, impromptu documentary-style, the visuals provide evidence of how brands can make sustainable living commonplace -- social and economic as well as environmental.

Bringing people together:


Supported by 25 councils nationally, state government organisations, private sector brands and the bargain-loving people of Australia, the Garage Sale Trail is a community minded project with roots in sustainability, creativity and fun. It encourages people to hold garage sales on the one day across Australia. Using prominent faces such as the one of renowned Australian fashion designer Marnie Skillings going through her wardrobe acts as a subtle reminder of getting people to think about consumption and the value of things.

Inspiring Innovation:


The campaign locks into the company’s core business of constant product innovation inspiring better business practice and consequently a better world. The story is told in different sequences as part of a journey. Understanding the need to highlight the efforts in creating less carbon footprint, the brand opts for a minimal visual style that signifies value by being ‘lighter’ on both environment and user.

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