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The boomer generation is consistently tracked by the media as their hugely influential bubble makes its way through the ages. Now, as they approach retirement and old age, their influence is changing the way we perceive this phase of life.

Blue-rinse ladies in sweater sets, old men golfing, grandparents playing with grandkids – these have all become outdated clichés of this age group. What we’re seeing all around us is that the boomer generation is redefining what it means to be old. Many people in this age group are more liberated than previous generations – they have economic stability and are less obligated to family. They are free to travel (and not just on cruises to Florida), to enthusiastically pursue hobbies (and not just watercolour), and are eager start new careers (and not just volunteer work). The images around us need to reflect these changes and showcase this new version of old age.


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The aim of this photo shoot with Photographer Nick Dolding was to capture a very simple, yet sophisticated series of portraits featuring cool, unique and aspirational people ‘of a certain age’. We wanted to show people with character and individuality – who resonate as part of this new boomer generation. Looking to inspiration from stars like Mick Jagger, Helen Mirren, Vivienne Westwood, Iris Apfel and Morgan Freeman – the goal of this shoot was to forget about ‘aging gracefully’ and instead look to aging with style and panache.


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