Point of View: The obsession with getting ever closer

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What is it like to lay down with lions? How would it feel to swim with dolphins? Or fly like an eagle?

John Downer’s award winning films are driven by his personal desire to break into the world of animals and capture moments from unique points of view. Through the use of immersive filmmaking techniques, like spy cameras, John Downer and his team bring the viewer up close and personal with the animals he portrays and reveals the world and lives of them as never seen before.

Capturing the animal’s perspective adds a moving emotional level to the stories and leads this wildlife footage away from the observant spectator to a powerful captivating experience.

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About the Author:

Alwyn Gosford has been a picture researcher and photography art director before moving into film in 1997. Since then he has worked with independent filmmakers and production companies to develop and realize video shoots for use across advertising, corporate and new media, as well as hosting video training sessions for both contributors and clients.

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