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Miguel Navarro is a photographer and image producer known for leveraging technology (such as CGI) to create compelling work.

For his latest project, “Connections” he integrated backplates he shot in New York with his ‘wires,’ a graphic concept he developed while working on an earlier project. The combination is stunning.

“What I really love about being an image producer is the freedom that I have right now of developing whatever idea I have in my mind.”

Take a look at the video below to learn more about how Navarro creates these images and where he finds his inspiration.

Miguel explains how he came to work as an 'image-maker':

"Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated with the mechanical reproduction of images. To watch "Star Wars" at 8 and to have a ZX spectrum 48k when I was 13 did the rest, I guess. 

I worked as a commercial photographer in BCN before coming to London. When I arrived in the UK I parked my photographic career and started working in the industry from the post production angle.

Once in London, I worked at Taylor James as retoucher for a year, at a moment when CGI exploded into print, and was fascinated by this new paradigm of combining 3 techniques (photography, CGI & retouching).

In 2008 I decided to study Maya, particularly texturing, materials, lighting and rendering - areas, which are completely related to my photographic background.  As my knowledge in CGI was growing, I freelanced for other companies as a retoucher (e.g. Douglas Fisher, Saddington Baynes, The Mill). After 5 years of accumulating experience I returned to photography again, now ready to create my own images and win direct commissions with my company, The Image Foundation.

Looking back, every step I took makes a lot of sense, even though there were moments when this crossover spirit made me think whether I should have stayed just in one area of expertise. Luckily, perseverance was always rewarded with results."


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