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Getty Images Art Director, Lee Coventry, explains how our Creative Content team takes visual trends and our customer’s visual imagery needs and turn them into new content for our creative collections:

We work on creating new content for around four main subject areas each year.

As part of the process each project includes a research week where we try to consume as much relevant media as possible and highlight some key concepts, ideas and visual treatments.  We then have a brainstorm day where we share those insights, identify trends and discuss and develop shoot ideas around the subject area.

As well as sharing our visual analysis we each bring an armful of inspiring visuals which we consolidate into one giant mood board.  Often these visuals aren’t directly related to the project theme but this is often a good thing as we’re trying to add something new or bring a fresh treatment to a popular subject not just replicate what already exists. We generally include an image on the mood board because we love the lighting or the colour pallet or it might be an interesting new camera angle and we use these elements in conjunction with our research as jumping off points for ideas which eventually become fully formed shoots.

We take the best of our ideas, develop them further and present them to a photographer who we feel will get excited about it and who has the visual style to suit the project.  We always have a clear vision and direction for the shoot but we leave a lot of room for collaboration and input from the photographer, stylist and models.

Because of all the massive developments in technology and how they’re impacting how we live the ‘tech’ project inspired loads of great ideas. Working with such a broad range of photographers we managed to create a really diverse and interesting set of pictures which we hope will resonate positively with our customers.

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